Hissho Sushi to Sponsor Charlotte Woman & Table Tennis Tournament

The 2011 Cary Cup Championship, a table tennis tournament conducted as part of the USA Table Tennis, will draw national and international contestants to this 4 star event to be held March 18-20, 2011 in Cary, North Carolina. Called the 2011 Butterfly Cary Cup, this event started in 2001 and draws the world’s best table tennis players who vie for rankings that make them future Olympic contenders. The roster has been full for months, and the interest is heightening by the day, as players from all over the world plan their itinerary to descend on North Carolina with the champion to be declared on Sunday, March 20, 2011 – the first day of Spring.
Charlotte’s contender is Jen Jia, a 27 year-old young woman, who has been playing table tennis since she was a 10 year-old in Jinan, Shandong Province, China. Her story is an interesting study in what part destiny plays in someone’s life. Jia’s parents are both busy professionals and during one winter vacation, there was nto baby-sit the 10 year-old. So Jia’s parents sent her to a table tennis camp where the teacherso one available quickly identified an innate talent in this young girl. She consistently beat all her opponents and as she progressed, was faced with a decision of whether to “turn pro” or continue her studies. She opted to continue her studies, and play table tennis as a hobby. After graduating from Tianjin University, and then working for 4 years in China, she came to the United States where she earned her MBA in just one year at DeVos Graduate School of Management at Northwood University in Midland, Michigan. With only a 3 month window available to find a job after graduation, she succeeded in doing so, and promptly moved to Charlotte and joined Hissho Sushi as an Account Manager. Jia says that “the Core Values at Hissho match her own and the fit for her ‘is perfect’.”
Hissho Sushi is a Charlotte based corporation that provides turn key sushi operations for grocery stores, restaurants, and institutions such as universities and hospitals, and operates in over 400 locations throughout the United States. Hissho also has a sushi location in the First In Flight Bar across from the rocking chairs in the main concourse at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.
After having ‘been away’ from table tennis for years, Jia quickly found a table tennis group, Charlotte Table Tennis Club located 345 Hawthorne Lane, that she regularly practices with and is looking forward to competing at the Butterfly Cary Cup. Her current rating in the USA is 2162 (2656 – is the top player’s rating) and is ranked as 49th in the USA Women’s Division as of January 19, 2011. Hissho is excited to have Jia on their corporate team, as well as taking the lead as a Major Sponsor for this tournament to show support to the Table Tennis organizations and their cultures. In response to Hissho’s sponsorship, Jia says, “I hope that one day Hissho will be proud of my performance in not only the business, but also the table tennis.”
For more information please see www.usatt.org or call Mike Babuin at 919-462-3931 for the Cary Cup Championship details.

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