Philip Maung Invited to Lecture at Johnson & Wales Univeristy

Philip Maung, President & CEO of Hissho Sushi, had the opportunity to speak as a Distinguished Visiting Guest Lecturer at Johnson & Wales University on Monday, April 11. Mr. Maung addressed over 240 JWU students, discussing his life story along with the founding and growth of Hissho Sushi. Hissho Chef Min Li provided a demonstration of sushi rolling techniques. Following the demonstration, many of the students were able to put what they learned into practice by preparing sushi rolls of their own.
In attendance were JWU Vice President Tarun Malik, Dean of Culinary Education Mark Allison, Director Experiential Education & Career Services Deborah Langenstein, Associate Instructor Culinary Arts Carrie Leonard, Assistant Professor Culinary Arts Paul Malcolm, and guest Janice Booth, Executive Director of Classroom Central, a non-profit organization that provides school supplies to under-priviliged children. Hissho Sushi appreciates the opportunity to partner with prestigious institutions like Johnson & Wales University.

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