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Wearing Hissho’s Core Value T-Shirts With Pride

Our Regional Supervisor in the Alabama and Georgia area is staying really busy visiting sushi bars to make sure everything is in order. This is a task that is on-going as it not only insures everything is in compliance, but it gives the chefs a lift to know that someone cares enough to visit them individually, and it helps with the relationship building. Kudos to all of Hissho’s Supervisors across the Country for the great job they continue to do every day. Thank you!
Recently a request was made for some of Hissho’s Core Value T-shirts with a promise that photos would be taken to share with our readership. They were proud to oblige as seen in the following photos. The first 4 are all Sprouts markets which have the Oumi Sushi brand exclusive to Sprouts. Thank you to all of Hissho’s Chefs across the Country as they provide fresh sushi made daily for our customers.
Sprouts #480 in Birmingham, AL
Sprouts #482 in Birmingham, AL
Sprouts #483 in Birmingham, AL
Sprouts #524 in Peachtree City, GA
Western Market 7 in Birmingham, AL

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Hissho Dives Into Core Value #5: Compassionate & Humble

Hissho’s Core Values team rallied the “troops” at HQ to bring in donations for an orphanage. The list was long, and included items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, diapers, feminine napkins, baby wipe, cleaning wipes, shaving cream, bubble bath and anything else kids might need. The orphanage itself requested household items like dish and laundry detergent, household cleaners, extra-large trash bags, light bulbs and shower liners.
Most households have these staples on hand, but it may take a month or more to use up a container. But in a busy orphanage with 19 residents, plus staff, these supplies go really fast. With concern for the residents themselves, Hissho requested a “wish” list from each child. You’d expect something to come back like a “letter to Santa” list with multiple items on it. We were so surprised to see that each child only listed 1 item with an addendum from the staff for beach towels, swim shoes, and sun screen. You see, they have a beach trip planned for next week and nobody really had what was needed.
Through the heart and generosity of Hissho, the wish list was fulfilled. The bags are packed along with two large boxes of items, and our team heads out Thursday to deliver the “goodies.” We can’t wait to see their faces and hear the squeals of excitement as we deliver the Orange Bags.
Having a bit of fun while packing the bags!

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Hissho Gives Back | 5.25.16

For the past few weeks at Hissho HQ, donations have been pouring in from every department for Crisis Assistance Ministry in Charlotte, NC.. Each month, the Core Value Committee tries to extend a helping hand to one of many organizations. This month, it is Crisis Assistance: They will take items that others don’t need, such as gently used linens, towels, bedding, and mattresses, etc.
Collectively, there were quite a few big boxes for us to deliver today. It’s such a small thing to do, but even a small gesture is meaningful to someone who has nothing. Thank you to our Hisshonians who made this happen!
1 2

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Hissho Spirit Week

All last week, Hisshonians “got into the spirit” by dressing up for the selected theme each day of the week. Silly? Not so much – it was fun, crazy, surprising and a barrel of laughs! One of the most surprising things is how many teams were actually represented on “Jersey Day!” Enjoy the photos to see a bit of our spirit come alive!
Monday – Pajama Day
Tuesday – Jersey Day
Wednesday – Wacky Tacky Day
Thursday – Super Heroes Day
Friday – Color Day