Penn Live: Hissho Sushi သည် mashup အသစ်ကိုပြသသည် - Cheetos Flamin 'Hot Roll

Hissho ၏အထူးလေ့ကျင့်ထားသောဆူရှီစားဖိုမှူးများက Spicy Krab၊ ဖိနှိပ်ခံရသည့် Cheetos Flamin ၏ပူပြင်းသောရေခဲမုန့်များနှင့်မီးခိုးမြူများနှင့်ရေနံစိုစွတ်သော Cheetos Flamin 'Hot roll ကိုပြုလုပ်သည့်အခါဖောက်သည်များသည်အပူရှိန်အလျင်အမြန်ခံစားရမည်။ ထောပတ်သီး၊ ခရင်မ်နှင့်သခွားသီးများပါ ၀ င်သည်။ By: PepsiCo, Hissho ဆူရှီ

Hissho ဆူရှီ နှင့် Frito-Lay wouldn’t appear to go together but the companies have joined forces for a “never-before-tasted sushi roll – the Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Roll.”


The eight-piece package will be sold at Hissho Sushi’s 700 locations that include the deli sections of grocery stores, college campuses, hospitals and airports.


The roll, according to a news release, has ” triple threat of Spicy Krab, crushed Cheetos Flamin’ Hot snacks and a drizzle of hot mayo and oil. Paired with these fiery ingredients is a cooling trio of flavors – avocado, cream cheese and cucumber.”

“It’s an honor for Hissho Sushi to partner with iconic brands like Frito-Lay and Cheetos to take our consumers’ sushi experience to the next level,” said Dan Beem, CEO of Hissho Sushi.


“We also know that our retail partners’ customers demand new and authentic innovation – from moms on the go bringing home dinner to their family or the typical college student yearning for  a new food adventure. The Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Roll absolutely delivers on those desires.”


Frito-Lay says the sushi roll “will bring the fire to sushi and Cheetos lovers like never before.”