Aung Aung

Est. 2013

Aung Aung and his wife arrived to the United States in 2002 and found their passion for culinary arts, leading them to join the Hissho Tribe. Aung Aung shares, “the Burmese community is based on respect and politeness. We celebrate these values and our culture every day at Hissho, who treats us like family.” Someday, the couple hopes to open more businesses.

Can you share your background prior to coming to Hissho?

We came to the United States in 2002.

Can you share any experiences where your cultural perspective positively impacted your interactions with customers or employees?

Because we value respect and politeness in our culture, we never have any issues with customers or with each other. We’re good at treating our customers right.

What motivated you to become a Hissho Sushi franchisee and a sushi chef?

I love creating beautiful and delicious food, which is why I joined the Hissho Tribe. 

In what ways has your heritage influenced your role as a business owner? Are there ways you celebrate your culture within your franchise location?

We love getting together to celebrate different cultural events in our community. Our city has a vibrant Burmese community, and being part of Hissho gives me the opportunity to join in and be involved.

How has being a business owner impacted your life?

Success doesn’t come without effort, but once you’re in the rhythm, everything else flows like water. Hissho really gets it; they treat us like we’re part of their own family. I’m very happy to be apart of it.

What are some of your passions outside of your Hissho business? How has your role as a Hissho Sushi chef enabled you to pursue and advance your passions?

I am passionate about being an independent business owner and I hope to open more one day. Hissho lets me do just that—they let me be my own boss. Plus, I know they’ll be there to lend a hand if I ever need help along the way.

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