Htin Lin

Est. 2003

Htin Lin’s journey to Hissho began as a passionate young sushi chef in Burma, eventually transitioning to the USA in 2000 after he was encouraged by his sensei “teacher” to interview with a group of recruiters from overseas and received a job offer to start working in the USA in 2000. He launched his Hissho franchise with his 2 best friends in 2003.

He says, “being a business owner has fulfilled my dreams of financial security, meaningful challenges, and helping others, including providing free meals to the hungry and benefits for employees during Burmese holidays.”

Can you share your background prior to coming to Hissho?

Prior to coming to Hissho, I worked as a sushi chef at the Tategoto Japanese restaurant in Shangri-La Hotel in my country, Burma from 1994-1999. As a hardworking and passionate young sushi chef, I was encouraged by my sensei “teacher” to try for an interview with a group of recruiters from overseas one day.

Luckily, I got a job offer to start working in the USA in 2000. After 3 years, I gained many experiences and skills, so in 2003 I decided to start my franchise journey with Hissho with my two best friends in Richmond. 

Can you share any experiences where your cultural perspective positively impacted your interactions with customers or employees?

Burmese people love to smile. It is such a very natural thing to my culture. We smile when we talk with friends. We smile when we eat good food. It impacts very positively for my interactions and building relationship with my employees and customers. I train and remind my employees of the importance of that every day. We always get praised by our customers for our smiles too!

What motivated you to become a Hissho Sushi franchisee and a sushi chef?

I had heard about the potential for success within the Hissho franchise. This motivated both me and my friends to become Hissho franchisees.

Now with over 20 years of experience under my belt, I’ve come to realize that Hissho truly prioritizes taking care of their franchisees and employees. Their commitment to high-quality products gives me the confidence to provide exceptional service to my customers. Seeing my customers smile and receiving positive feedback about the quality and taste of my sushi always brings me joy.

In what ways has your heritage influenced your role as a business owner? Are there ways you celebrate your culture within your franchise location?

According to our culture, donating meals is one of the most noble things to do. I always donate sushi whenever someone who is hungry comes to my shop. I also provide free lunches and breakfast to my employees along with discounts during significant Burmese holidays and celebrations.

How has being a business owner impacted your life?

This opportunity has helped me fulfill my dreams, providing me with financial security and empowering me to take control of my life. It also presents rewarding challenges and allows me to support both my family members and others in need.

What are some of your passions outside of your Hissho business? How has your role as a Hissho Sushi chef enabled you to pursue and advance your passions?

Outside of my Hissho business, I love traveling with my family. Being a sushi chef enables me to afford the trips that my kids want to take and their enjoyment. Being a sushi chef has also helped me with my interpersonal skills interacting with my coworkers and customers everyday. I have learned a lot from them.

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What is your favorite sushi roll?

The salmon avocado roll because it’s my favorite protein and veggie combined.

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