Job Lamno

Est. 2018

As a refugee arriving in the States in 2011, Job Lamno began his journey in the sushi industry. He was motivated by Phillip Maung, the founder of Hissho, which lead him to become a Hissho franchisee in 2014 at Sprouts Farmers Market. He says, “As a business owner, I can provide enough for my family both in the USA and Myanmar.” He shares that he celebrates his culture within his franchise location by showing respect and kindness to others.

Can you share your background prior to coming to Hissho?

I came to the United States of America as a refugee in 2011. I worked as a sushi chef for Nikko sushi company, and transitioned to a Hissho franchisee in 2014.

Can you share any experiences where your cultural perspective positively impacted your interactions with customers or employees?

As someone from Myanmar, I value respect, kindness, and obedience towards others.

What motivated you to become a Hissho Sushi franchisee and a sushi chef?

The founder of Hissho, Phillip Maung motivated me. I prayed that I want to be like him one day.

In what ways has your heritage influenced your role as a business owner? Are there ways you celebrate your culture within your franchise location?

I celebrate my culture within my franchise location by showing respect and kindness to others.

How has being a business owner impacted your life?

As a business owner, I can support my family both in the USA and Myanmar. I’m also able to provide job opportunities for my brother, sister, brother-in-law, and my wife.

What are some of your passions outside of your Hissho business? How has your role as a Hissho Sushi chef enabled you to pursue and advance your passions?

Some of my passion outside of Hissho business are reading, watching movies, investing, and listening to music, and watching news. My role as a Hissho sushi chef enabled me to pursue and advanced my passions by having work-life balance.

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What is your favorite sushi roll?

Queen city roll is my favorite roll because it’s named after Charlotte.

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