Min Nyein Naing

Est. 2009

Min Nyein Naing migrated to the USA in 2001. Min Nyein Naing became a Hissho franchisee that brought a newfound sense of satisfaction that he was able to share with his father before he passed.

He says, “I was so happy working with Hissho and see the benefits of being self-employed. I believe in the principle to treat others the way I want to be treated, which is why I make sure my sushi is fresh and the best quality.” He shares that he works hard to make positive impacts on his birth country and community. 

Can you share your background prior to coming to Hissho?

I graduated in Early 2001 just before I migrated to the US. My first dream was to pursue my career in IT field. I faced some difficulty in following that path but with advice from my cousin, I pursued the sushi industry as a viable career choice.

Can you share any experiences where your cultural perspective positively impacted your interactions with customers or employees?

I believe in Karma, so I treat others the way I want to be treated. That’s why I make sure my sushi is made fresh and of the best quality. I treat my customers and my chefs as members of my family. My chef started working for me on day two of this sushi bar opening as a helper and I have been able to promote her as head chef now. I was lucky to have her in my life and vice versa.

What motivated you to become a Hissho Sushi franchisee and a sushi chef?

I started working with a franchisee in Alaska for about 6 months before I became a franchisee myself with my own business. After about a decade working for Sushi with Gusto, the company was acquired by Hissho Sushi and I joined the Hissho family.

What are some of your passions outside of your Hissho business? How has your role as a Hissho Sushi chef enabled you to pursue and advance your passions?

Coming from humble beginnings and living below my means has allowed me to save enough to enter the real estate market during the 2008 recession, which led me to discover my next life passion.

Initially starting with real estate on the side, it now occupies most of my daily hours, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m still the same person who grew up with less than a perfect life, but now I can make more positive impacts on my home country and community.

How has being a business owner impacted your life?

A few years into becoming a franchisee, I began to appreciate the perks of being self-employed. Luckily, I had the chance to discuss it with my father during our vacation in Thailand a year before he passed away, even though he initially disapproved of my career change. Seeing the satisfaction on his face was priceless, especially since it was the only time I saw him in person after moving to the US.

What is your favorite sushi roll?

My favorite sushi is inari and tempura shrimp roll. I like to eat inari for breakfast and tempura shrimp for my lunch and dinner.

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