Fjord Farms, Los Lagos, Chile

Hissho has proudly been in partnership with Ocean Sky since 2020, to help deliver the highest sashimi grade Atlantic salmon for all customers to enjoy.

Ocean Sky’s product is 100% traceable and responsibly sourced for consumers to enjoy a safe, consumable, and delicious protein consistently. From the one-of-a-kind processing facility in Chile, heavily monitored temperatures during delivery, to the vacuum-sealed package found at Hissho locations; The salmon quality is guaranteed to be delicious in all freshly made salmon sushi rolls. 

Meet the Ocean Sky Team

About Ocean Sky

“Starting in 2015, Ocean sky has been one of the leading companies with a focus on sashimi grade Atlantic salmon. Our technologies and processing facilities allow us to provide and ensure that all our farm-raised Atlantic salmon are of the highest standard and our practices prove that we are leaders in all aspects of farming in Chile. We have a one-of-a-kind facility that lets us farm salmon in the initial stages to the mature stage. In addition  to that, all facilities are driven to produce a sashimi grade product that is fully traceable and eliminate all microbiological residues for a clean and ready-to-eat product that is delivered to Hissho Sushi.”

“During the climb of interest of shopping at supermarkets during the COVID-19 quarantine, we saw that consumers were shopping more for healthy proteins for their meals. At this time, we decided to partner with Hissho to provide an extraordinary product that Hissho would be able to package for consumers to have a safe and consumable protein consistently.”

“From the moment we harvest to package is in 3 days or less. We harvest the Atlantic salmon from our facilities, we package in 100% micro-biological clean rooms, vacuum-seal the product, and then it goes in a blast freezer. It is frozen within 3 hours or less of harvesting. This eliminates any bacteria growth and makes us the leader in sashimi-grade salmon supplier in the United States. With that in mind, anything that is bought from Hissho Sushi with Ocean Sky salmon is responsibly sourced, 100% sashimi grade, and safe to eat.”

“Throughout the process, we do multiple tests in clean rooms and ensure there is 0 presence of any harmful bacteria near the product. This is proven through our micro-biological testing equipment and certifications. We are meticulous in all aspects and it is our #1 focus to ensure the salmon is safe to eat. The temperature is tracked throughout the entire transport from Chile to the United States and the logistics chain is monitored to the point that it is delivered to your door.”

“Being the leader in farming practices, and sashimi grade salmon. We have invested heavily in our processes from the beginning. Every single salmon that we farm and process has the goal of a 100% sashimi grade product. The quality is higher than everyone else.”

“Our goal is to bring to market and educate consumers in the United States, South America, Central America, and Canada.”

“Since we opened in 2015, we have been able to double sales every year and achieve credible goals. As of 2023, we are in the top 10 suppliers to deliver Atlantic Salmon in the United States. This is only 7 years that we have been in business that I’m very proud of. With time, I think we will continue to show that we are a big player in the United States and create a delicious product that Hissho Sushi customers will enjoy many years to come.”

“Atlantic Salmon is the #1 protein that we can farm  humanely and responsibly in the ocean to help aid the growing demand for food that is needed globally. As populations increase, we need to have an environmentally safe protein that families can eat every day that has positive health benefits. We have an extraordinary product to bring around the world.”

“No, the way we farm, the government guidelines, and certifications, we are not over-farming, and we are not over-density. We are very mindful from the eco-system around us and we take extraordinary steps to make sure we leave no waste and no footprint left behind. Our social and environmental impact in south Chile is our #1 priority.”

“Farmed salmon, done correctly, is the best form of seafood in the world. It is extremely safe to consume and has so many health benefits to feed your families consistently. This product is extraordinary, and the partnership with Hissho allows us to share this with more customers around the United States and we hope everyone enjoys it.”

Try Ocean Sky's Atlantic Salmon today with our Sushicado Roll!

Responsibly sourced Ocean Sky salmon and creamy avocado wrapped in rice and nori. Topped with sesame seeds.

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